25 year old female drum and bass DJ out of D-Town Colorado. Loves the Vinyl...loves the hard stuff...but can also get smooth and soft around the edges. Pay attention cause she's comin up fast! Drum and Bass is main style however Skye dips into all genre's of music...electronic and beyond. She's got some interesting stuff cooking for you. Stay tuned for more mixes!

IZ SKYE also produces original tracks. Brand new track to be coming out soon. Check out her myspace page for more details as the date draws near.

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Latest Mix: The Follow Me Series Vol. 2/ Through The Jungles of Hell

Style:Drum & Bass
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Bitrate:320 kb/s

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This is a harder darker drum and bass mix. It's not for you wimps out there. This mix is for people who get off by the darker side of life. This is for those who can keep up and follow me through the Jungles of Hell! Mmmmwwwhahahhahahaaa! =)

1. Masai--Sigma
2. Evil Spirits--Muffler
3. Symptom—Corrupt Souls
4. Live Wire--Sigma
5. No More Pain Only Pleasure--Identity
6. No Test—Distorted Minds
7. Sidewinder(Hochi & Infiltrata Remix)—Special Forces
8. Boris The Blade(Optiv Remix)—Black Sun Empire
9. Human Affairs VIP--Wildchild
10. Am God--Tetradin
11. Choke—Noisia, Mayhem, & Verse
12. Fifth Dimension—Gridlok
13. Black Widow—G. Dub
14. Barbarians(Prolix Remix)—Chase & Status
15. I Am The God—The Whitehouse Project

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