Hans Gruver

Born in a remote part of the rural state of Vermont known for its idyllic beauty but not exactly for urban sounds, it would have been hard to predict that Hans would become such a talented dj, promoter, producer, and virtual encylopedia of all things to do with electronic music . Influenced by his early surroundings, Hans early musical interests were in classic music, playing the viola, and in creating field recordings in the nature. It was not until his late teens, after nightclubbing in Montreal, that Hans interest in Electronic music became all-consuming. Hans was influenced early on by such Montreal DJ's and producers as Tiga, Eddy Jasmin, XL and Vermont dj/producer Craig Mitchell.Dee-jaying in his hometown often found crowds who were generally unreceptive to electronic music. After attempting to promote electronica events in nearby Burlington (a city friendly to folk music and country music but hostile to electronica), Hans sought to expand his range of opportunities, and moved to San Francisco, California, in 2001. Through much effort and persistence, Hans has slowly established himself in the now thriving techno scene in San Francisco. Now highl sought after as a versatile dj and up and coming producer, Hans has played a variety of nightclubs, undergrounds, fashion shows, and daytime parties in San Francisco, and has an upcoming release on new San Francisco house label Footprint. Hans has played out at a variety of places in SF, including: 111 Minna, Otis, Azul, The Shadow Lounge, The Monkey Bar, Fuse, the Cellar, Bohemia, 123 Langdon, Bloomingdales, Chrome, 26 Mix,Forbes Island, Legado Radio, radioexplore, Golden Gate Park, and Dolores Park. Though firmly rooted in American house music, Hans has an eye to what is going on in Berlin, the UK, and worldwide. He challenges his listeners with an appreciation of the past and the comfortable,but pushes the envelope with an ear for novel and esoteric sounds.

Latest Mix: Space is Deep

Style:House, Tech House, Deep House, Other
Size:183.03 MB
Bitrate:320 kb/s
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deep techy grooves

Minilogue - "We All" (Cocoon Recordings)
Solomun - "Woodstep" (Dessous)
Miss Fitz - "Drifting" (Contexterrior)
Pablo Bolivar & Garcynoise- "From the Blackhole" (Justifed Cause)
TG (Tim Green) - "Revox" (Justin Martin Mix) (Dirtybird)
Martinez - "Retrospective" (3rd Floor)
Loco Dice - "Tight Laces" (Desolat)
Mikael Stravosand feat Katou - "Die a Little" (cdr)
Florian Meindl - "Subfocus" (Trapez)
3 Channels -"It's Gettin' Kinda' Hectic" (Shane Berry Remix) (Trapez)
Shlomi Aber - "Efrat" (Be As One Recordings)
Hugh Hephner - "Pimp Slappin" (siteholder)
Radio Slave - "Grindhouse Tool" (Dubfire Planet of Terror Remix) (cdr)
Oliver Huntemann vs Dubfire "Diablo" (Cocoon Recordings)
Solaris Heights - "Luminor" (Boxer Recordings)
Marc Romboy vs Blake Baxter - "Fly Away" (Mix 2) (Systematic Recordings)
Satoshi Fume - "Micro No'R" (E-Tunnel Mix) (se:quent recordings)

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