Welcome to my page, I hope you enjoy my mixes. My aim is to provide my friends with upbeat and energetic music. I love to spin Groovy House, smooth/epic trance and mellow/ambient tunes. I take my cue from music that makes me go crazy on the dance floor or helps me relax after a night out. I recently uprooted myself from Toronto and moved out West to Vancouver. I've been into Dance music seriously since 1999, but just recently felt I was ready to start spinning. I apologise to the purists but I have to admit that I am an MP3 dj using the Hercules DJ Console MK2. (Although I just saw Blank & Jones and they use it as well, yeeha!!!) My aim is not to be a huge success but to spin music that makes myself and others feel good and maybe even tap a foot :) I'm always looking for constructive criticism so please don't be a stranger. Below my current mix, you'll find the links to my other mixes.

Latest Mix: Window Watching Vol 002

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I posted the 2nd volume of my Window Watching series a while ago but I noticed it somehow got deleted from my page. So Here's it is posted again.

1. The Cinematic Orchestra - To Build A Home feat Patrick Watson
2.Ulrich Schnauss - In all the wrong place
3. Air - La Femme D'argent
4. José Gonzáles - Heartbeats
5. Coco and Stonebridge - It Was Perfectly Chilled
6. Broken Social Scene - Anthems For A Seventeen Year-Old Girl
7. Jon Hopkins - Cerulean
8. Nathan Fake - You Are Here
9. Thomas Datt & Robert Nickson - Tabla mizma

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