It all started for me in December of '96 when I went to my first Rave in New Orleans, LA. I fell in love with the music and culture which is electronic music and completely imersed myself in it. Over the next few years the idea of being a DJ had become deeply rooted in my mind to where it was all I thought about. It was in July of '00, while living in Austin, TX that I bought my first cd players and mixer. Thus, I started teaching myself to mix. Since then I've played various clubs, house parties & Raves in Texas and Louisiana. Some of the names I've been able to play along side are the likes of Vicious Vic, Bexarametric, Kid Icarus, Stryfe & assorted local TX & LA DJs. Although I love to mix and really loved my DJ equipment, due to a bad situation for a few months I had to let go and sell it all to pay bills. It sucks, but with 2 different schools I'm attending and a full time job, I don't have much time for it right now ne'ways. So I now have Traktor 3 mapped out to my MIDI controller and do all my mixing through the MIDI interface. I also have production to work on. The only problem now is finding the spare time to work on music. So posted is some old stuff, and once I get around to doing something new; I'll put that up.

Latest Mix: Bangin in 07

Style:Progressive House
Venue:House Party
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Bitrate:320 kb/s

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This is the first 80 mins. of the 120 min. New Year's set I played. I was too drunk to remember to hit record and have had to go back and record it. At the last minute I've decided to split into 2 sets and once I have time to turn the last 40 mins into another 70-80 mins. I'll get that up here too. Until then I hope ya'll enjoy this one. Be try to keep it as close to the original live set as I could, I got tore up before and during the recording. There's a couple spots of volume fluctuations in there. Sorry, I got a little happy with it :) Otherwise it's a solid mix!

00:00 01. Polefolder - Protected (Mas Collective)
09:46 02. Quivver - These are teh Days (Vocal Mix)
18:16 03. Quivver - Twist & Shout (Marc Mitchell Remix)
22:54 04. Andy Moor and Michael Wilson - Control Me (Tony Estrada Remix)
28:30 05. Charlie May - Seal Clubbing (James Zabiela's Seal Squeal Remix)
36:14 06. Slok - Lonely Child (ST 3d Remix)
44:28 07. Joris Voorn - MPX309 (Original Mix)
48:58 08. James Zabiela - Weirder Science (Original Mix)
54:50 09. Groove Rebels - Untight (Original Mix)
60:20 10. Mocean Feat Mechelle Chivers - Vertigo (Andrew Kelly Mix)
68:27 11. Audio Jack - Robot (Rui da Silva Remix)
72:43 12. Ddp - Unforseen (Monocle Dub)
76:58 13. Zerotonin - Dirty Sneakers (Original Mix)

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