Desire - Live on Vinyl

Style:Electro House
Venue:7one1 Boylston - Tantra Sat...
Size:66.88 MB
Bitrate:160 kb/s

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Desire is the latest "Live on Vinyl" monster mix in his series of live-recorded mixes.

Desire is more than just a compilation of the hottest, most exclusive songs in the house scene right now.

Desire is a story that, from start to end, takes you from the desperate times of heartbreak to the optimistic resolve of moving on...

1. Everything But the Girl - missing DJ Redline Edit

2. Balcazar - Boots and Skirts

3. Peter Haze - The Disko

4. Tocadisco - Better Begins

5. Nils Noa - Monkeybreak

6. Olivier Giacomotto - Gail in the O

7. Burufunk & Carbon Community - Community Funk

8. Oliver Moldan & Jerome - Five Five Zero

9. Sultan & Ned Shepard - Together We Rise

10. Chris Nemmo & Andree Eskay - Affectation

11. Duran Duran - Nice - Eric Prydz Remix