DJ Redline

Face dripping, heart pumping, and bass pumping nights. DJ Redline brings you back to the fundamentals of Progressive and Electro House and its soul purpose to make you move.

Groove to the Deeper sounds of his sets until he is ready to make you get up and vibe to the high energy house beats that enter your skull from the turntables and through the speakers.

DJ Redline has been in the game for over 7 years and only recently, however, did he bring to Boston the sounds to take him to the next level. Continuing his unique style of quick mixes and hard bassline drops, DJ Redline is ready to eexperiment with the newest sounds of bass, melodies, and harmonies with one mission: to provide the real housejunkies with sounds that reach into their bodies and dance with their souls...
Watch out for Team Redline....

"The Low profile Most Versatile DJ"

Latest Mix: Desire - Live on Vinyl

Style:Electro House
Venue:7one1 Boylston - Tantra Sat...
Size:66.88 MB
Bitrate:160 kb/s

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Desire is the latest "Live on Vinyl" monster mix in his series of live-recorded mixes.

Desire is more than just a compilation of the hottest, most exclusive songs in the house scene right now.

Desire is a story that, from start to end, takes you from the desperate times of heartbreak to the optimistic resolve of moving on...

1. Everything But the Girl - missing DJ Redline Edit

2. Balcazar - Boots and Skirts

3. Peter Haze - The Disko

4. Tocadisco - Better Begins

5. Nils Noa - Monkeybreak

6. Olivier Giacomotto - Gail in the O

7. Burufunk & Carbon Community - Community Funk

8. Oliver Moldan & Jerome - Five Five Zero

9. Sultan & Ned Shepard - Together We Rise

10. Chris Nemmo & Andree Eskay - Affectation

11. Duran Duran - Nice - Eric Prydz Remix

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